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Methenolone Enanthate 100mg/ml        
active time.png Active half-life 14 days

400-600 / WEEKLY

Acne Yes
Water Retention No
Hepatoxity Yes
Aromatization No
Detection time in body 5 Months


Primobolan 'Metenolone Enanthate' is a weak anabolic Steroid with even weaker androgenic activity. This Steroid does not convert to estrogens, therefore it does not show typical side effects for them. It is just as popular and recommended for both men and women. Muscle mass gained on Primobolan will always be of high quality. Therefore, this Steroid is most often used during the period of building the form before the competition. A Bodybuilder taking "Primobolan" can be sure of his perfect form on the day of the competition. Primobolan "solo" is not practiced. Most bodybuilders combine it with other Steroids to increase the anabolic effect. While working on the definition and quality of muscle, it is combined with non-aromatizing androgens - e.g. Parabolan, Masteron, Halotestin. Testosterone propionate, Oxandrolone, Winstrol are also added frequently. Competitors wishing to include "Prima" in the mass cycle will most often supply it with Metanabol / Anapolon and Testosterone enanthate. Under the influence of this Steroid, there is a slow but systematic growth of good-quality muscle. After a cycle with the use of "Prima", the acquired muscle mass will remain almost 100%. Primobolan is considered one of the most popular remedies among women in the UK. This remedy offers them a mild effect without unnecessary side effects. Because Primobolan is a very mild steroid that does not cause pronounced side effects, some androgenic side effects can occur, however - only at significantly increased doses. But even very susceptible users should not worry about it. Water retention will be at the minimum possible level. Due to these features, Primobolan is perceived as the mildest Steroid available on the UK market. Dosage Beginners can take a dose of 200-300mg per week. The performance may not be stunning, but for a person who will give him Testosterone propionate / enanthate should be satisfactory - given the low harmfulness. More experienced people start at a dose of 400-600mg per week. The period of use should be long and should be at least 10-12, and even 16 weeks or 20-24 weeks.

rating 5
Hamza D.
I've ordered last month and the package never arrived, I've checked the tracking it says that it's stil moving but apparently it's stuck somewhere and the postal service told me that I need to contact the sender to make an inquiry, I've tried contacting them from the chat which is a HUGE JOKE because no one responds neither on the chat nor by email, not even a single response I've sent messages everyday and sometimes even 10 times a day, but no one replies, I guess the customer service is inexisting and that I just lost my money by ordering here
Since october 22nd the package hasn't moved and since I've tried reaching out to them but it looks like no one cares!
very good
rating 5
mark K.
spot on
Great quality primo
rating 5
On 3rd week now of 10 week cycle. Great pumps and definition coming through now.
depot 100 primo
rating 5

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Due to weak androgenic and anabolic effects, Anavar is one of the safest steroid to use, mainly adored by women's and athletes, because Anavar does not cause weight gain and muscle growth is relatively small, Anavar improves muscle strength and the effects are especially visible in people whose diet is rich in red meat. The advantage of Anavar is that strength gain is very persistent, as it is a weak steroid, Anavar is often combined with other anabolic steroids. Dosage should be about 15 to 30mg per day for beginners and about 30 to 50mg for more advanced. Anavar does not convert to estrogen so you do not have to worry about water retention, gynecomastia or acne and it is not as damaging to the liver as many other oral steroids.

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Boldenone Undecylenate 300 Mg/ml

active time.png Active half-life 14 days

400-600MG / WEEKLY

Acne Yes
Water Retention Yes
Hepatoxity Yes
Aromatization Yes
Detection time in body 5 Months