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How to pay by card on our website using BTC exchange - easy method

You don't need any knowledge about bitcoins. You only need your card.

You will not have to provide any ID or address details.
The payment process will take 2-3 minutes.
The payment will automatically go to our Power Anabolics account.

Step 1

Add products that you'd like to order to the cart.

Step 2

Proceed to order section and fill your delivery details.

Step 3

In step 4 (Payment) choose

Pay by bitcoin

Don't worry, you'll still be able to pay by card.

Step 5

Continue with your order.

Right now you'll see amount in BTC and our BTC address. Just open exchange website on separate tab.

Now copy BTC address and amount in BTC and click buy.

Right now you have to follow instructions on website.

Step 6

You'll receive email with your payment confirmation within few hours. Right now there's nothing you have to do. We'll send your order next working day (or the same if money arrive to our wallet before 12 o'clock.)

That's it. Thanks for using Power Anabolics. If you have a second please leave a review on our website.