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Clenbuterol is the strongest fat burning product available on the market today, initially known as a medicine for asthma it has found its recognition among both men and women, it is recommended to start the cycle from 40mcg per day also can be broken down into 2x 20mcg by breaking the tablets in half's, the dose is recommended to increase every day by another 40mcg up to 160mcg per day and continue for up to 2 weeks, after this period of time ( two-weeks cycle )your body will start getting used to Clen and may stop responding, so a break of about 14 days is recommended, after a break, the cycle can be repeated.

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rating 5
Lee B.
Very good pounds dropped off quickly
Good but needs cycling
rating 5
taz M.
Ive been taking clen for 5 months now - its warn out now
Timely delivery
rating 5
Marc R.
Not used yet due to work life balance. Will get a gym routine going and try them
Great Product
rating 5
Laurence D.
Very effective
Great quality
rating 5
Graham T.
Would certainly buy again from this company
It’s ok
rating 5
Marek G.
Can’t say much about it because don’t have much experience with it
Great product
rating 5
Kevin B.
Provides noticeable result in a week ????
Fat melter
rating 5
Matthew B.
I only used these for 2 weeks... And that's all you need!
I started at half a tablet and increased by half a tablet for 2 weeks.

Didn't feel anything for the first 4 days but after that I was literally loosing 1LB a day... They are incredible.
Clen, fast, cheap and effective.
rating 5
Joe S.
Was worried buying off the web, couldn’t have been less true, amazing quality for the price as well. Make astralean by Balkan Pharma look like cheap caffeine.
Great service with no drama
rating 5
A C.
Great service, quick discreet delivery.
Definitely using the site again ????????
Very fast
rating 5
Richard M.
Was a bit wary off paying with bank transfer but I'd definatly buy from these guys again the delivery was really quick not tried yet but up to know I'm impressed
Thanks guys
Legit site
rating 5
Callum B.
Purchased this after looking at a tonne of websites, was a bit skeptical on the whole about purchasing in this method before as it is the first time buying anything like this but I ordered, sent confirmation of payment as described in the post purchase email and I had my Clen within the week delivered by Royal Mail. Will definitely be using this website for further purchases if required.

Would definitely purchase again. I am UK based.
rating 5
Beth M.
Delivered Very quickly, very impressed just had my first tablet today ,only had half of one,I'm just hoping to see results,I'll sty on half for a week and see
Excellent product
rating 5
jamie S.
Excellent product
rating 5
paul L.
Used once before, lost weight over a month period started with 1 or 2 tablets for first few days then 4 for a period of of 2 weeks. Then a 2 week break. Only side effect got cramp a lot probably cos am old
Fast delivery and service
rating 5
Kelly M.
I plan to buy more once finished with what I have. Was trepidatious paying with coin as never done it before but there were no problems and easy enough.
rating 5
Mick B.
Seems to work really well.
rating 5
Jason Y.
I would 100% recommend these guys super fast delivery legit products
Fast delivery
rating 5
George B.
rating 5
Emma F.
rating 5
First class experience all round, very fast delivery and great communication. Items arrived exactly as stated. Quality service will definately be my main source of purchasing from here on in. A*****
As advertised
rating 5
Daniel D.
Received quickly and discreetly, works as advertised.
rating 5
Chris H.
Work well lost a good amount of fat with them
rating 5
Benjamin S.

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