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Proper TestMix5 400 - Proper Labs

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Testosterone Acetate 20 Mg/ml
Testosteorne Propionate 30 Mg/ml
Testosteorne PhenylPropionate 30mg/ml
Testosterone Cypionate


Testosterone Decanoate


active time.png Active half-life 14 days

400-600MG / WEEKLY

Acne Yes
Water Retention Yes
Hepatoxity Yes
Aromatization Yes
Detection time in body 90 days

Proper TestMix5 400 - is a mixture of five different Testosterone esters.

Testosterone is the most important male endocrine hormone, which is why its level in the body has such an important effect for building muscle mass.
It contains both long and short testosterone esters.
Short acting esters (Propionate) allow testosterone to become active in the body after only 2 days of injection and long acting (Decanoate) remain in the body for up to 14 days after the last injection.
Increased level of Testosterone causes more stimulation, adds energy, thanks to which you obviously have a greater desire to exercise.
What's more, testosterone is also responsible to a large extent for libido.
This simply means that after taking testosterone, sexual desire increases.
High testosterone levels and a proper diet allow for a significant increase in muscle, and thanks to significant metabolic enhancement, body fat decreases. By using it you can also count on a considerable increase in strength.
It should be remembered that the use of testosterone blocks the natural production of testosterone.
After the cycle is completed, PCT (post cycle therapy) should be used.

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Stimulating your metabolism is key during a cutting cycle, and the base of this is a thyroid hormone that can do just that. You’ll likely want to start with one 25 mcg tablet per day to help you reduce your body fat while you’re still eating normally. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to limit your cycle to six weeks if you plan to use this.


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