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    HCG Magnyl – Pregnyl is a drug used in post-cycle therapy, the aim of which is to restore testosterone production to a normal state after reducing its dose by stopping the use of androgenic steroids. Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), a proteinaceous hormone, is the active ingredient in this medicinal product.

    HCG is used to solve infertility problems by significantly increasing the amount of sperm in the testes. Patients may use HCG alone or together with FSH to treat problems with delayed puberty, developmental gonads, or problems with sperm production. Sometimes HCG is administered to boys who have descent from the testicle.

    Bodybuilders and athletes use HCG to increase testosterone levels. This protein hormone is essential for maintaining health, muscle growth and strength.

    HCG is usually used in two ways:

    • During the steroid cycle (to reduce testicular atrophy).
    • After the end of the steroid cycle (to increase testosterone production).

    The advantages of using HCG:

    • It significantly stimulates testosterone production.
    • Effectively reduces fat tissue.
    • Raising the development of mature sperm.
    • Increased sexual appetite.
    • Restoration of testicular function and work after steroid treatment.

    How to use it during the cycle?

    During the steroid cycle, you should also use HCG to be able to unlock yourself more easily and restore your testes to normality.

    We take 500UI every 5 days or 250UI every 3 days.

    How to use HCG?

    The duration of the session is 21 days with a normal dose for adults is 2000 – 5000 IU every five days.
    HCG Magnyl can be used in two ways: subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.

    To achieve maximum results, HCG should be used in combination with medicines containing clomifene citrate (for example Clomid). Both clomiphene citrate and Clomiphene have a stimulating effect on testosterone production. When you have finished using HCG, you should start taking clomiphene citrate for a few more weeks.