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Winstrol (Stanazolol)- Due to the fact that this steroid has a medium anabolic, weak androgenic effect, as well as the fact that there is no aromatization in its case - Winstrol gives good quality growth, it does not retain water in the body. What is aromatization? In a simplification, the conversion of androgens into estrogens (e.g. testosterone turns estradiol) under the influence of the aromatase enzyme. Winstrol is a steroid usually used for the reduction cycle. The use of Winstrol for typically mass cycles is rare. Low doses of Stanazolol in the mass cycle contribute to lowering SHBG levels.

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Foreign Names Stanozololum (Latin) Stanozolol (German) Stanozolol (French) Estanozolol (Spanish) Generic Names Stanozolol (OS: USAN, JAN, DCF, BAN) Stanozololo (OS: DCIT) Androstanazole (IS) Stanazol (IS) Stanazolol (IS) Stanozolol (PH: BP 2018, Ph. Eur. 9, USP 41) Stanozololum (PH: Ph. Eur. 9) Brand Names Anaysynth Siza, Pakistan Fortaplus Imeg, Paraguay Menabol Adcock Ingram, India Stanazol for Horses, Dogs and Cats [veterinary use] RWR Veterinary Products, Australia; Vetpharm, New Zealand Stanol Hua Shin, Taiwan Stanozoland 10mg Landerlan Landerlan, Paraguay Stanozoland-Depot Landerlan, Paraguay Stanozolol Chen Ho, Taiwan Stanozolol 50mg Indufar Indufar, Paraguay Stanozolol Baiyunshan Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Factory, China Stanozolol Laser Farmac Laser Farmac., Paraguay Stanztab Samarth Pharma, Thailand Stargate [veterinary use] Acme, Italy Sungate [veterinary use] Acme, Italy Winstrol Depot Desma, Spain Winstrol-V [veterinary use] Zoetis, United States


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