Trenbolone Hexy 100 PHARMAQO - 1 - Buy steroids UK
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    Trenbolone Hexy 100 PHARMAQO - 3 - Buy steroids UK
    Trenbolone Hexy 100 PHARMAQO - 1 - Buy steroids UK
    Trenbolone Hexy 100 PHARMAQO - 2 - Buy steroids UK
    Trenbolone Hexy 100 PHARMAQO - 3 - Buy steroids UK

    Trenbolone Hexy 100 PHARMAQO

    Trenbolone Hexyhydrobenzylcarbonate100 Mg/ml

    Active half-life14 days

    200-400MG / WEEKLY

    Water RetentionNo
    Detection time in body4-5 months
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    Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate also known as 'Parabolan' is an anabolic steroid,
    It is a longer-acting Trenbolone ester than the Acetate version.
    Tren Hex is superior to testosterone in its androgenic and anabolic properties.
    Its androgenic activity is up to 2 times higher, and anabolic even 5 times higher.
    Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate ester has a half-life of nearly two weeks, compared to Acetate's half-life is only 2-3 days.
    Trenbolone, no matter what the ester is, is known to be the most powerful anabolic steroid available today.
    Tren hex is considered one of the best steroids of all time used in the cutting phase.
    It is known that many competing bodybuilders will not prepare for a competitions without the use of this steroid.
    Tren hex will provide you with good fat loss results, but also preserve the muscle mass gained during training.
    Trenbolone will strengthen your figure like no other steroid.
    Tren Hex can be used alone, but it is recommended to add testosterone to any cycle to avoid any sexual dysfunction.
    When cutting, stacking Tren Hex with other anabolic steroids such as Masteron or Winstrol,  will intensify the already satisfying effects of Tren Hex.
    Because Tren Hex is a longer-acting Trenbolone format, Tren Hex cycles usually last  longer than usual, and it is about 12-14 weeks.
    This is due to the amount of time required to reach maximum optimal blood plasma levels of the compound.
    For this reason, a longer cycle of this steroid is strongly recommended. By shortening the cycle, the user will not benefit from the full effects of this steroid.
    For off-season bodybuilders and athletes or those considering a bulking cycle, Tren-Hex can be used, but if done on its own (solo),
    it won't give you the best results, but combining Parabolan with other volumizing agents will preserve your gains, strengthen your muscles and increase your strength.
    Another added benefit of using Tren-Hex in the bulking phase is that it will give you greater capacity for more intense workouts.
    The good news when considering a cutting cycle is that you can use Tren Hex alone and still get good results.
    We are already depriving the body of extra calories when cutting, so when you burn fat, Tren Hex will work to burn more fat.
    boost your metabolism and promote extreme leanness and muscle shape and definition.
    Those who have used other steroids but have never tried Trenbolone should consider 200-250 mg per week to start and assess your tolerance levels.
    Intermediate users can tolerate between 300-450 mg per week of Tren-Hex.
    Advanced or seasoned users are known to use 500mg or more per week of this steroid.
    Always choose wisely and get to know your body and its limitations.

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